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Tocilizumab versus COVID-19 – What do we know about it?

Drugs against coronavirus have been found in Italy. It is Tocilizumab.

The results of treating coronavirus-positive patients with it were successeful in Naples. Previously, this drug was used for treating patients with severe coronavirus symptoms in China.

So far, treating people with Tocilizumab has been experimental, despite being chosen in the complex treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by Covid-19.

In the pathogenesis of the acute respiratory syndrome caused by Covid-19 development the so-called cytokine storm syndrome plays a huge role. A large number of different signal peptides are released and trigger the inflammatory cascade. One of such proinflammatory cytokines is Interleukin 6(IL-6), which rheumatologist have long used as treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and some other autoimmune diseases.

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