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Genetic passport what is it, who needs it and how is it processed?

Genetic passport (or DNA passport) is a personal medical document containing data on the molecular and cellular analysis of the human genome. Each of us has a unique hereditary code. Knowing it enables us to develop a personalized scheme of nutrition, lifestyle, and treatment of diseases. Genetic analysis is absolutely safe and has no contraindications. The blood, saliva, hair or nails can be the material for investigation.

Генетический пасспорт

Security and longevity why is genetic analysis necessary?

A comprehensive genetic test allows you to solve a number of problems that reduce the quality of modern people’s life. The results of such a survey allow getting to know about the likelihood of hereditary diseases transmitted from generation to generation, ethnic affiliation, physical and intellectual abilities. The undisputable advantage of DNA analysis is the possibility of latent diseases early diagnosis.

Genetic passport provides information on

  • Reaction to medication
  • Infertility and gynecological problems reasons
  • Predispositions to various illnesses
  • Bone tissue metabolic disorders
  • Immune system condition and a tendency to allergies
  • Tumor growth (in the case of tumor markers)

Most of the DNA remains unchanged during life, consequently, it is enough to pass the analysis just once - these data can be used any time for the specific purpose intended. Family planning, dealing with health concerns, improving the quality of living and the life expectancy of people suffering from genetic diseases, selecting an individual anti-aging program - this can be done much easier if the patient has the DNA analysis results.

Генетический пасспорт

Who and when needs a genetic passport?

Medics are sure that a biometric passport will contribute to the development of healthcare throughout the world since the availability of a single database will improve the work of the medical care specialists. People are not always concerned about the importance of genetic information, but it is actually the reason improvement existing methods and technologies in modern medicine, due to which it is possible to find more effective ways to cure major diseases.

If any of your relatives were diagnosed with oncology, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, then there is a high likelihood that the inheritors will be in the risk group. Modern technologies allow to conduct genetic analysis for children even from the first days of life, it is recommended to have the test after 14 years, in order to obtain precise results

The investigation of the effect of medicines on the genetic code and heredity is the subject of pharmacogenetics. Considering that sometimes changes in DNA can be the result of prolonged pharmacological therapy, it is recommended to take the test for those who monitor not only their health but also care about the offspring’s well-being.

Anyone who wants to know their origin, determine physical abilities and estimate the risk of developing diseases and addictions can get a genetic passport. Having the document with comprehensive information can help in many cases: in the procedure for establishing paternity, if cancer and other chronic diseases suspected, planning for a baby, choosing a diet and the optimum sports activity.

Генетический пасспорт

How the research is conducted?

Before acquiring a document, you must do a DNA analysis. For this, it is essential to contact a specialized medical laboratory, with appropriate conditions for collecting the material and its further examination.

The method for identifying markers by the blood is highly accurate and safe and allows to obtain the most accurate figures. After the genetic test is done, the experts will conduct the complete genome decoding. All the data will be recorded in the microchip of the document – you will be able to access it using a smartphone. All analysis results will be available in your Personal Account and in PDF format.

Генетический пасспорт
Информация о генах
Информация о генах
Информация о генах
Информация о генах

What information I will get from a genetic passport?

After doing the genetic test, a person gets to know a lot about his body, which in the future can be used to prevent and cure diseases, to adjust the nutritional scheme, to draw-up a workout plan, to select an individual therapy aimed at rejuvenating and combating signs of age-related changes. Genetic passport performs several very important functions:

  • with it you can determine your ethnic origin and find relatives all over the world based on information about chromosomes;
  • allows you to learn about health issues and adjust the nutritional scheme, change lifestyle;
  • provides information on predispositions to hereditary and chronic diseases;
  • the results of the biological material survey can be used to determine fetal mutations in the early stages of pregnancy;
  • genetic markers allow to compile your skin passport, indicating its risks, individual sensitivity to procedures and cosmetics;
  • temperament, biological rhythms, a tendency to certain types of activity - all this information is built in the genetic code;
  • the risk of addiction development, and the effectiveness and resistance to medication.

The practice of processing and storing genetic passports exist in many countries, but the largest DNA data bank is in the UK, which began issuing such documents almost 25 years ago. The Ordinance “On the basics of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of ensuring chemical and biological safety” states that starting from the year 2025 having a genetic passport will be mandatory. Medics claim that this will enhance the quality of medical care in the country, simplify the pattern of work with patients, and also help make citizens’ life more comfortable.



Genetic passport is a simple and proven way to live longer and better!

  • Restore your family ties and find out your ancestors

  • Prevent the development of severe illnesses in you and your descendants

  • Learn the right nutrition and care which your body needs

  • Climb the social ladder by defining your genetically determined abilities and talents



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