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The first human trial of COVID-19 vaccine

Four volunteers have been vaccinated in the Us. In total, there will be 45 volunteers, and the testing will last for more than a year.

The first four volunteers have been vaccinated for COVID-19, the vaccine was developed in record time. The research is conducted in Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, Seattle.

In total, there will be 45 participants of the experiment aged 18 to 55, who will be given different doses of the vaccine, developed by Moderna, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company, and The National Institute of Health(NIH).

American health officials claim it will take 12 to 18 months any potential vaccine to be fully approved.

Moreover, it is reported that there might be clinical trials in April of another vaccine for COVID-19, developed by the American company Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Pennsylvania. Several dozen op volunteers will participate.

For the morning of March 17,2020, there were 182,727 people infected with COVID-19, 79,883 people recovered and 7,174 people died.

Dutch scientists have claimed to have found the antibody against coronavirus. According to the scientists, this is the very first antibody that blocks the infection, but many months will pass until the research is completed.

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